Electronic Medical Records - EMR

Struggling to manage your patient's work-flow from pre-post care?

Your cumbersome and complicated paperwork is simplified by EMR

You might be facing a challenge to maintain, store, move inactive and dispose unwanted patient medical records. Besides, aged paper documents may become weak, alter in color and are prone to loss. Whereas, a structured medical record keeping system helps the care providers to improve their performance and operational efficiency.

Step into a new age of paperless administration

A simple, reliable and cost effective solution!

Majority of things going digital, it is inevitable that health centers adopt electronic medical records in near future. EMR makes it easier than ever for Doctors, Hospitals and Clinics to maintain and manage the most up-to-date information of their patient’s medical records.

Power to render continuous care to your patients

Web based solution - Accessible from anywhere, anytime

Easier storage, accessibility and backup of vital records, all at lower cost.

Patients save time by not having to complete paper forms in waiting room, while staff saves time by not having to scan or manually enter information.

Seamless integration with laboratory and pharmacy.

On an average, electronic medical records are 40% more complete and 20% faster to retrieve than paper records.

Improve operational efficiencies, while giving an opportunity to generate revenues.

Our EMR is extremely efficient to manage thousands of patients' records across the clinics located even in different cities.

We create user accounts for the health care providers and help in entering their patients’ records, uploading case sheets, diagnostic test reports and other details.

It handles everything from entry-level tracking to advanced imaging - all with enhanced security and optimized workflow.

We also make you well acquainted with all the features of EMR, making it quite easy for you to manage thereafter.
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